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At the Forefront

Frontier Insights is an applied economics consultancy firm specializing in bridging the gap between high level academic analysis and the real-world policy and strategic decision making challenges faced by governments, NGOs, and private institutions today. We are proudly based in Ontario, Canada and offer a variety of services in the realms of policy analysis and applied microeconomic consulting.

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When it Matters

At Frontier Insights we are able to offer relevant analysis in a timely manner. Academia can provide in depth analysis but it often takes several years for a project to be completed. In the private realm things move quickly, and we strive to bring the depth of academic analysis to projects that can still make a difference now. Do you need to know how a new technology or policy is going to influence your organization this year? Do you need to make a decision about the future course of your organization but don't have the time to weigh the benefits and costs? These are the types of time sensitive analysis issues we aim to address. 

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For Sustainability

Sustainability can mean many different things depending on where your organization is situated in the market or policy arena. At Frontier Insights we always consider the sustainability concern and ensure that the trade-offs between your organization, your stakeholders, and the environments in which you operate are properly balanced. 

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To Maximize Benefits

At Frontier Insights we aim to find solutions that benefit your organization and your stakeholders. The decisions made at the organizational level can have far reaching effects. Every decision will have trade-offs, costs, and benefits. Our goal is to help you find the choice that is the best balance for you, your stakeholders, and the environment. 

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