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Our Services

Frontier Insights combines the experience and cutting edge expertise of academia with the problem solving orientation of real world businesses. We offer a wide range of services in applied microeconomic consulting to answer the policy and profitability concerns faced by governments, NGOs, private firms, and institutions.

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Cost Benefit Analysis, Present Value Estimations, and Real Options Analysis

Cost/benefit analysis (CBA) can effectively reveal the relevant economic concerns associated with a future flow of revenues or expenses in a powerful way. Whether you're estimating the return on investment from a business decision or the net benefit to society from a significant infrastructure project, Frontier Insights can perform a CBA that can be a critical decision making tool.


Efficiency, Productivity, and Competitiveness Analysis

At Frontier Insights we have the expertise to complete high level empirical techniques such as frontier analysis which can be used to answer a variety of important policy and business questions such as: How competitive is my firm compared to my peers and what management decisions may improve my competitiveness? How has a policy change impacted the efficiency of a sector over time? How much more productive are the top  firms compared to those at the bottom?


Policy Analysis and Design

Using a variety of theoretical and empirical approaches from applied microeconomics we are able to simplify the complexities of balancing budgets and competing stakeholders for solid policy analysis or design that can be backed up with data. 

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